Weading day

“When two people get married. They tend to have bagege. They many times have secrets. Some are things from there past. Some are trivial.some are embarising but not big deal. Myine could either day. ”
“I’m Annie. Today I married mark.mark and I have dated for two years. We knew each other a short time before we dated.some thought we moved too fast but it worked. ”
“I had a secret,one I thought was a big deal. A few years ago,I was in a cat accident.I was in a coma for a few mounths before I came to. I had to go though a long process of rehibitarion. It was not a fun process. I had to relearn everything. I finally did but it was a long process. It felt like an eternity. It felt longer then it was.”
“I was mostly back to my old self. I said mostly.unfortunately that is true. There is one area that I never did recover from. One part of me has never recovered. It was one that I wish did.”
“The car accident left me fecally incontinent. It did not effect reproduction but I did not have fecal control. I did not lose bladder control but with loss of number two control,it made number one difficult and problematic. It required me to ware a diaper.”
“I had to be carefull not to be discovered.I work hard to keep it on the down low. At college my roommate knew and college admissions but I was discrete. I tried to keep clean and sanitary . that was nit easy at all. ”
“I never did mark. I probably should have. We met at a traditional conservative religious college and such discussion was taboo. It was easier not to discuss it. It became more and more easier. ”
“I figure that one of these days he would suspect. He would at least hear the crinkling of my diaper. Either he never caught on or just never Said anything. ”
Continued in post one.