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Adult Brest feeding

Bryan and Lilly were newlyweds.Bryan was 21 and Lilly was 21. They were both from a conservative traditional American family. They had graduated from a  traditional college.
They were young. They were in love. Some feared that this was youthful passions not real love.while divorce was an anathima to both families and there circles, many feared that that could happen. While they would live in a buble,things were changing. The changing times threatened to even seep it to there isolated world.
Everyone supported there marriage.no one thought that they should not get married, they were not sure that this was the right time.perhaps it should wait.
The wedding day had arrived. Lilly’s mom helped her get ready. “Now I have been waiting for the right time to talk to you. This is the last time I will be able to talk to you before your married. I want you to tell you the secret to a happy marriage. ” her mom said.
She was looking forward to hearing it. She knew that it was only a mater of time before trouble came. She wanted a happy meriege.her mom was a role model. Her parents had a happy meriege. It was legendary.everyone in there circle looked up to them and there relationship. If everyone knew how to have a successful marriage, it was her mom a dad.
“Oh ok. What is the secret?” Lilly asked. “This is going to be a bit surprising but the secret to a happy marriage is to engage in adult Brest feeding. “Her mom said.
Lilly was dumb founded. Not in a million years would she had expected that. She was not she had her correctly. Was she serious?
Her mother had a good sense of humor.she should not joke about things like this. That was not her style of humor. If she did not know her better she would think this wS a joke.she knew that she was dead serious.
“You probably think I’m nuts. I am totally serious.a nursing relationship between you and him Will assure a good marriage. You need to start away. Tonight you Wil have him suckle your Brest. ” her mom said
Lilly was not sure she was comfortable having this conversation with her mom. “You need to do it every day without fail. “She urged her.
” not that I am sure I want to know but are you speaking from experience?”Lilly asked.”yes we started on night one.made all the difference on the world. Even if you have a fight, you have to do this. This cures arguments. ” she said.
She was a but taken aback. She did have some sceptism. There was no denying to her parents was one of the happiest couples she knew.
“This was the best advise your grandmother gave me. “She said. Great she thought ,that was a mental image I needed. She loved her grand parents but picturing grandad nursing gram was worse then picturing dad nursing mom.
“Look you have to promise me you Wil fo this.this is your business. I won’t violate your privacy. Please promise you will do this . “she pleaded.
“You have my word mom. I will do as you ask. ” she told her mother. They hugged.
After the ceremony they went on there Hong moon. They left the sate and went to a nearby sate. They went to the hotel.
“Hey hunnie come over hear.”s he said. He did. She pulled up her pink sweater. She pulled up her bra. “Come on suckke my Brest!”she said. Bryan was shocked.se insisted.
He finally relented.he placed his tounge near her nipples. He felt weird. He was not sure. She encouraged him to keep going .he did. He started to get into it. So did she.
It turned out to be really good for play. It led to the mane event if you knew what I mean. They continued. To nurse every day. They never missed a day.
Her mom was right. Her mom ans Lilly never discussed it. Her mom knew that She followed her advice. She knew that the family woul s continue to thrive. She knew that the family secret woul s continued to be passed on.
The end.


Wedding day

  “I’m Annie. Today is my wedding day .Manny say that this is of the happiest day of a persons life . for me it was an uncertain day. You see I had a bit of a medical issue.one I tried to keep quet”
“I never ment to keep this a secret for my fiencae mark. As time went in it became easier to keep it from him. ”
“I was in a car accident before I met him. I was in a coma before waking up after a few months. I had to relearn everything.for the most part I was back to my old self. What do I mean by most you night ask,well I will tell you”
“The accident resulted in loss of fecall incontinence. For some reason I was never able to restore it. I regained blaster control but loss if fecal control made it difficult. ”
“I met mark at a religious college. I figured it would be improper to tell him at first.a few knew.Some of the staff and my roommate. I ment to tell him but the time was never right”
“When I asked me out I almost did. I figured he would suspect something was up.he did not. I was very careful. I gave myself enemas. When He purposed,I should have said something but I did not. Now we had just married.I decided to tell him on the way to the hotel. ” she said.
“After the ‘reception we hit the road. I realized that I had messed myself. I gave myself am enama  but Apearently it did not work. I messed some more. I hoped that it could smell it ”
“He noticed that I was really quiet. ” she said.” you ok hunie?” he asked.”yea I’m fine loves?” she said “ok. Are you sure?” he asked. “I am I promise !”she told him.
They went back to being quet. He got really woried.  What if she was reconsidering her decision to marrying him? He got more and more concerned.
“You ok sweetheart? “He asked. “Ok I have a secret. I kept it from you and I  should not have. If you want to be free from your marriage obligation I will understood” I said.
“He was really confused. He seemed to get nervous. I realized I need to tell him right now. ”
He was uncomfortable. He skermed a bit. He probably went to prety extreme syinerios. He probably thought the worse. “Mark! I have what you call a rather un fun medical condition. You know I was in a car accident a few years back.”she said.
“Of course !”He answred. “It left me fecally incontinent. It has forced me to ware me a diaper. I ware a diaper almost constently. I can get prety messy. I am sorry I did not tell you until now. It was embarrassing. If you want to nullify the relationship I Will understand!”she said.
“Your incontinent? “He asked. “Yes. When I say little or no control it leans more to the no control side. “She said.
He seemed shocked but relieved at the sane time. He thought that she had not been faithfull or something off the short.
“I assume you probably know how to handle this?”He asked. “I do. Its has been my life for the last few years. It has made life interesting. I keep an emergency diaper bag in my car at all times. I give myself enemas . I use plastic sheat on my bed. I do a lot of laundry. I came fully prepared. “She told him.
“Ok. Why would I want to leave you?I love you. I don’t get why you think this would jeopardize our marriage?”he asked.
“Well you did not ask for this. Its really messy. You expected a fully continent bride. Its not fair.”she said .
“I am fine. This explains a few things . you seemed to disappear a lot. You we’re frequently not around. We would be on the phone and you would just leave. It all makes sense now. ” He said.
“Your not mad? Your really not mad?”she asked. “No of course not Annie. I love you. Your really amazing. I have always thought that. This only confirms that. “He said. He squeezed her hand.
” I love you mark?”she said they looked at each other and smiled at each other. “Do you have anything else to tell me? Any other secrets?”He asked. “Actualy I do. I have no idea how it happened.I was very careful. My diaper is very full. “She told him.
“I have to get use to it at some time. That is ok. I am alright with that. We will get though it. “He said.they smiled at each other. She knew That they would be ok.
When they got to the hotel,he agreed to go to the desk. Murcifly she could remain in the car. She feel uncomfortable. It was horrible.
He came back . they walked to the hotel room hand in hand. The two walked to the room. She wanted to get cleaned up.
They went into the hotel room. They went inside. She was going to get into a shower.”we can get cleaned up later. Lets get dirty now!”he Said in a frisky tone.
“I understand your eiger to consummate our marriage whoever kujo your going to need to temper tour youthful passions just a little bit longer!”She said in a playfull tone
“That’s really not necessarily . “He said.”are you sure? It is really messy.it will be more gross then you can possibly imagine. “She declared. “It will be ok!”he said
They opened up her go bag. They took out plastic sheat and laid it on the been they put an extra ahead as well.
She had changed from the wedding dress to street cloths before they left the church and hit the road.she changed into a pink sweater ,an adult onesie designed for the Abdul community and a denim skirt . she had removed her flip flops and now was barefoot.
After the bed was ready she got in to the bed. He got on top of her. She was very nervous.She experienced a lot of pree humiliation.
He kissed her.he removed her shirt. SHe pulled off his shirt. He then pulled down her jeans.the onesie had a clear bulge in it.
She pulled off his pants. He unbuttoned the onesie. It showed signs of being soiled. He pulled it off.
She pulled off his underware. He unclasped her bra and pulled it off.he then went for her plastic pants.he pulled it off. The diaper was vary ful. He pulled the tabs. He pulled it away and thew it in the trash.
She asked him to clean her but he got on top of her. The filth got on hum.he put his thing into her. The poo residue seemed to turn him on not repel him. At first she did not notice.she was too focused on her shame. After a few minutes it was unavoidable.  One could bot help but notice.
After he finished She wanted to get cleaned up. He just wanted to cuddle. They were both in awful shape. They just laid there for a while.
After a while they both showered together. They dried each other off. Then he got her ready. He enjoyed putting baby powder on her and putting her in a diaper. He put her in footie pajamas. They cleaned off the bed and put fresh plastic.
They survived there first night as a married couples . they woke up the next morning. Her diaper was very full. He looked forward to changing her.
The end.