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Should women ware Sox ?

I have never liked Sox. I hate Waring them. They are ugly looking.they feel weird . look weird. I am a not a fan. I live in a colder climate and sox makes sense so I do it.
I am not a fan of Sox. I agree that they can serve a purpose. I don’t Like waring them. I don’t just go around in Sox. I don’t really like man waring Sox. I really don’t like when women ware Sox.
Sox cover up women feet. They just don’t look good they look on women. They look odd. Awkward.
I perfer when women don’t ware Sox. Sandles or flip flops are my number one perfence. With sandles you can see most of the feet except for where the straps are.
Shoes with no Sox is a good look. Oppeb back shoes,Mary Jane.even crocks are fine. Dress shoes are really good.
It is odd, most culture even the most puritenical still alow foot nudity. Muslim countries do not band sandles.everyone else must be covered but not that.
Then there is going barefoot. Many men like seing women going barefoot.  There is the adege that man want women to be barefoot and pregnant.
Some men assume that women who go barefoot do so because they have some kind of foot fetish.the truth seams to be that they find it comfortable. There feet get hot. Many women shoes are not made to stay on there feet.it is easier to kick them off.
I have never seen attractive looking Sox for men or women. Asticaly 8 wish no-one would ware Sox. I would perfer not to ware them. They can be necessary.
In warmer climates I wish we could band Sox. I am sure there are reasons why this is a bad idea.
I am nit against hosiery or rights. They can be very attractive. Knee Sox are something I have never understood. I perfer regular Sox to them. I think Sox in sandles us probably the worst thing to come out of the 60s except for the Viet nahm war and agent orange _ maybe.
Feet should be admired not hidden.please how about nit qarubg Sox?
The end.