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Lesbian nursing home 

I’m leah. I was a happy person.  I was in college.  I was in my seccond year. I got good grades.  I was attractive.  I had a lot of friends.  Life was good. I had no complaints.  

I was driving one night. A drunk driver slamed into me. I remember the car coming at me. Then i fell unconscious.  

I did not know it but i sliped into a coma. The police,fire and ambulance setvices had to use the jaws of life to free me from the car. My legs were crushed.  I was placed into a gurney. I was rushed into the ambulence. The ambulence sped to the nearby general hospital.  

They took me into emergency surgery.  I later learned that it was touch and go. They were able to symbolize me. I was in a coma. 

I had a student i.d in my wallet. The hospital contacted the school.  The school contacted my parents. My best friend and my roomate and other friends arrived.  My family got to the hospital as fast as they could. 

They stayed at my side. I was in a hospital gawan and diaper. The nurses changed my diapers. I had not woken up. My parents did not want to have me sent to a nursing home but they felt they had no choice. It had been a couple of days and i had not woke up. My parents decided to nove me. 

My mom had held my hand. She kissed my forehead.  After a few daysi was placed on an ambulence.  I was brought to a rehab facility near my home town. It was ten minutes by car from the house i grew up in. 

I was moved from the ambulence to a private room. I was put in bed. Annie a nurse changed my diaper and gave me a spunge bath. She washed my boobs and vaginal area. She later told me that i seemed to be turned on. It was normal.  It was a natural stimulation.  She was turned on.

I had a roommate.  She was around my age. She was awake. She had been injured in a skying accidents. 

I ended up being in a coma for four months.  I had no memory of it. I knew nothing about it. I was bathed by female nurses.  My diaper waa changed. I had still peed and pooped. I was fedby intervenis. 

My patents and sisters and brothers came to see me every day.  I dont remember anything from it. I lost those memories.  Perhaps i dreamed. I had no idea. It was really not important.  

It was several months that i was in a coma.  Doctors had no idea when or if i would wake up. One day my sister was sitting with me. She held my hand.  

I started to wake up. I was very groggy. I was not sure what was going on. I made some groaning noises. “Lee lee its me. Your safe! Your in a hospital. ” my sister Stacy said. I was close with all of my sisters. I was always very close with stacy. I was so glad that she was there with me. I took her hand. 

“Am i ok?” she asked.  “You were injured prety bad lee. You have been in a coma for four months.  ” she said.”four mounths!” i said. I was shocked and stunned. I could not move my legs. 

A doctor  came in and explaned what had happened to me. I was injured badly. The doctor was not sure that i would ever walk again. The doctor told me that my time bed riden may have caused some muscles to atrophy. The doctor assured me that they would do all they could to help me try to regain the use of my legs.  

I was in a total sate of shock. A nurse came in. “Hi i am annie. ” she said. she was very prety.  “I am hear to change you and bathe you” she said.”oh great.” she said. “It wont be so bad. ” she said. 

She pulled off my blankets. She pulled off my hospital gowan. She pulled off my diaper. It was very full. I found i got aroused. I got really humiliated.  Why was i arosed? I hoped to stop.  i tried to overcome my arousal. It was not working. 

She took a spunge and washed my vagional area. I was realy aroused now. I bit my tounge. She put me in a fresh diaper and an orderly striped the bed. I was given a new hospital gowan. 

After a while the nurse and her aides left my room. “Annie is hot isn’t she?” my roommate Amanda asked. Amanda  was my age. She had long brown hair in a poney tail.  

“Oh. I dont like girls. I am not a lesbian.  ” i declared.  “Come on. You realy dont think Annie is hot?” she asked me. “Well she is realy prety. I gues i could say that. ” i admitted. Amanda laughed. 

I started to get out more. I was wheeled around the faculity in a wheal chair. This was not an old fokes home. It was a rehabilitation hodpital. Many patients were younger. Many suffering from injuries or orther ulneses that required ling term care. The adninistrator told me that the goal is being able to return to sosisety. 

I wanted to either be able to walk or function in sosiety. The staff assured me that they would make that that happened.  I hoped that that was true. 

Amanda and i became close friends. We talked all the time. We wheal chair raced. We hugged. I loved how she felt.  She was so soft. One day i kissed her.  Her lips were so soft.  

One night i asked the night nurse if we could sleep in the same bed. Rylie the night nurse said that we could. We cuddled.  

One night she fondled my brest. She licked my boobs. She then kiseed my pussey. I then went on her. The staff knew what we did. They did not mind. My family was fine with it. 

One day annie came in. She bathed me. I kissed her. I expected her to walk away but she did not. She kissed me back.  

One day i asked her to frig me. She pulled uo my gowan. She licked my tits. I loved having my boobs played with and licked. She opened my diaper and licked my pussey. She was so good. She leened over so i could lick her pussey.

I worked to walk again. My body got stronger. I was able to regain some of my strength. I got to be able to use a walker then a cain. I had a wheal chair just in case. 

I was sad to leave in a way.  I would miss the staf and patcients. Amanda was discharged a few mounths before i was. We stayed in touch in more ways then one. 

I moved in with my sister stacy. I was able to work a part time job. I workef to graduate from college. 

Stacy and i slept in the same bed. I kissed her. She kissed me back. I cupped her brest. She went for myine. She adnited that she had been jealous of all the attention i had gotten at the rehab center. I made up for that.  

I finished college.  I got maried and had two kids. I never quite got over my time at the lesbien rehab hospital if you know what i meen. 

The end.

This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  

The procedures hear are probably not right. 



The weird family

Joel was a member of his college choir.  He was on a choir tour.  While on the tour they were placed with church families that they were going to visit. 

Joel was a sophomore at a fundamental Baptist college.  He had been on a college tour the year before but they toured a different area that time. Joel had a great time before. He had been looking froward to this year as well. 

This was the third church they had visited.  It had been a great tour thus far. They were on a buss. The buss had parked at the church parking lot. The pastor and the church people put on a diner for them.  The people were really friendly and down to earth.

The church made several spaghetti. Dishes. It was really good. The food was good but so was the conversations. It was a good time all around. The choir would be performing the next day. They had some down time until then. 

After the dinner, they were told where they would be staying. His name was read. He was staying with the sawer family.  He had met them during the diner.   They seemed realy nice. After the announcements, he followed them. 

The sawyers included mr. And mrs sawyers and six children. Mr. Sawer was an eye doctor. He served as a trustree. He owned the eye care business.  Mrs sawyers was a home maker. She had been a bookeeper and had business degree. She preferred to stay at home and raise the children. 

Her oldest daughter was tess or tessi as she was called. Tessi was 21 years old. She was taking clases at a community college.  She also worked. She was very friendly.   

She had a 19 year old sister named ellie. She had a 14 year old brother named David.  A 12 year old brother Paul.  A three year old sister named sarah and a baby sister naimed Hannah.  

He got in the fanily van. By vehicle,  it was a short drive from the church to there home. They owned a little bit of property. The van parked. When they went in, david showed him his room.

David and joel had a lot in comon. Joel loved nature. He liked the outdoors. He also liked sports. Joel liked him. He came down stairs. 

Tess had wore a white blouse and a purple skirt and shoes.  She was barefoot now. She had removed her shirt and bra. She was topless. He quickly looked away.  

“What?  You have never seen a woman’s brest before?” tessi asked. “No i have not.  It is not proper . ” he said. “It is not forbiden in the bible. ” she said.  “Isn’t it?” he asked. His eyes were closed.  “No it is not mentioned. We just assume that brests were covered or that such a band exist but it does not. ” she declared. 

“She almost never wears a top in the house. ” david said. “Come on. Its a warm day. I was cooking all day. I want to be comfortable.  “She said. He was abit stunned.  It was her house. He looked the other way. 

This was not going quite the way he thought it would.  Not at all. He sat down on the couch.  He found this troubling.  He tried not to get too offended.  He tried not to get too stressed about it. He knew eventually they would be on to the next church. 

Then her sister cane down the stairs.  Elie was topless.  She had taken off her blue shirt and bra. He thought to himself, “great! Now i have to dodge two women with no shirts on. ” . he tried not to be flustered.  He wanted to be a good guess. He would be happy when they could leave. 

He sat far away from the girls. He sat near to paul and David.  “My sister also does not wear a shirt..we dont feel bound by legalism. There is no command to cover brest so we do not.  “Tess said.

“I hate wearing shirts.  It gets realy warm in the summer hear. There is no way that i am wearing a shirt. ” ellie said. He did not want to debate this. He was a guest in there home and it was a realy odd topic. He just listened and occasionally chimed in with an ok or i see or yea. He found this whole thing very uncomfortable. Realy that is a huge understatement. 

He shifted the conversation to something else. He saw that he had a video game consul so he asked david about it. They were alowed to play video games that were not violent. They could play racing games(not grand theft auto) . they could play sports game. Lukily that changed the subject. 

Tessi loved video games and chimed in. He liked to make eye cobtact with those he was conversing with but in this instence, he made an exception.  

He was hoping that she had no interest in video games. Of course she did. She vioced her oinions. Although a lady canot speak in the church, she can at home. 

After a time ,her mom and dad came down the stairs. To his shock mrs sawer was not wearing a top. He thought to himself,’great! This is a family of nudist or something.  ”

He was totaly creped out at this point. He tried to remaine calm. “You dont approve of how we do things?” mr. Saywer asked. “Its not how i do things or how my family does things. It is different. I ment no disrespect. ” he said.  

“I know that. The bible never says a women brest must be covered. Only the genital area is to be covered. It is never wise to add on to scripture. It always causes ruin. If you fail to live up to the legalistic rules,you tend to give up on everything including the actual principles. I do not force my family to adhere to extra biblical standards just to apease the legalist. I embrace the sprit of of the law over the letter.  ” mr. Saywer declared. 

“You see if you sees a brest. You look. After a while you move on. ” mrs. Sawyer said. He was not so sure about what she had said. 

He was glad for bed time. He went upstairs.  He said goodnight to every one. He was tired. He slept very well. 

He got up the next morning.  He saw tessi. She wore a black skirt. She was topples.  “Morning! ” she said. “Morning”  he said.  He wished that she would wear a shirt. 

After breakfast he met up with everyone at the church. They practiced and got ready for the concert later that day. 

The concert went very well.  It was very well receved. After the concert they got ready to leave for the next church. He went to say his goodbye to tess. She had a white shirt on. She was relieved to see her fully clothed. He hugged her.  He then said goodbyes to her whole family. 

After the service,  they headed on to the next church. It was a successful tour. Of all the churches they visited , this was the most memorable.  They then returned to the campus then he headed home. 

Tess realy liked him. She tried to find him on social media.  She finaly did and aded him. She sent a note explaining who she was. She acepted her friend request.  They corresponded back and forth. 

They developed a close report. They lived away from eachother. Neiter were  sure how to have a relationships over a long distance. On his summer before his senior year he took a job near where she lived. He took a sumer internship at her church.  

When he came over for diner she was rouintly topless as was her mom and sister. After he graduated he proposed marriage and she said yes. They maried the following spring. 

She was almost always topless when they were home. When they got home, the shirt came off and the bra. When they had there first child a daughter it made brest feeding a lot easier. They had another daughter when there oldest turned two. 

He eventually got use to everything. He adjusted.  They had a good life and a good marriage. 

The end. 


This is a work of fiction. 

It is true the bible does not speak to brest being bared. This is just a story. The story is not endorsing or condeming going topless. 

The happy handicap

Calie was a sweet young women.she was in her twenties.  She had long hair. She liked to put it in a braid. She loved dreses. She was a happy funy and sweet young lady. She was attractive and she was very intelligent.  She was well liked. Many who knew it looked at her fondly . she brought a smile to the faces of all who knew her. 

She worked at a book store. She was known for being helpfull. She was active in a local baptist church. She was very talented.  She played the piano and organ and other musical instraments as well. 

She had a happy life, well almost. There was a slight hickup. Well realy a huge hickup. She was handicap.  She was paralyzed from the waist down. She was wheal chair bound. She had been for a few years. 

She was traviling back to colege from visiting home for vacation.  A distracted driver who was texting collided with her car. The car was totled. Rescue workers had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the vehicle.  Her legs had been crushed. She was air lifted to the best hospital in the region.  

They were able to keep her alive. The damage was too savere. They could not do anything about that. She was paralyzed.  

She tried to handle it with dignity and serenity. She did not blame anyone m she was not mad. She tried to work around it. She considered it a slight set back. It was not the end. She could work passed it. She was determined to do just that. She would be brave and determined. 

Everyone admired her sprit. They admired her resolve . this handicap was not going to stop her. She was going to keep going. She was going to work around this. She was going to achieve her goals even if it took extra work. She was going to work as hard as she had to to get where she wanted to be. 

She went back to school. The school tried to help her. With encouragement from friends and family, she got her degree. She graduated with honors. 

She lived a hapy life despite the handicap.  She was known to be shy and reserve. When it came to her disibility, she was strong willed. She was not going to let this drag her down.  She would make lemonade from life’s lemons. 

She did it with grace. She reached out to the lady who hit her. She wrote her a letter. The lady wrote her back. She visited her freqently in jail. She kept a correspondence with her. She tried to bury the hachet with her. She had forgiven the lady.  She held no resentment towards her although some of her friends did. She tried to curb there disdain. She encoureged forgiveness.  

She never complaned. She got discouraged but never let it get her so down. She was an inspiration to others. 

Before the accident, she had dated a little. She had not been in a serious relationship.  After she woke up in the hospital she had to learn how to function in the new normal.  She had to learn how to live being disabled. She focused on living with the disibility.

While she put romance on hold, she did not give up on love conpletly. She just put in on a back burner. After it had been some time sense the accident ,she decided that it was time to put it back on the front burner. 

She had no idea how to get back. In the dating game as it were. She decided to be patient and wait for the right one. It was not long before the right one revealed itself. 

Daryl was a recent bible college graduate. He was training to be a pastor. The church that cali attended ,brought Darryl on as an assistant and youth pastor.  He was tall, handsome,athletic and smart. Every single woman in the church warned to date him. Cali started to second gues herself.  She was going to withdraw. She considered not trying to persue a relationship with daryl. 

She backed off for a while.  She decided to go for it. She had no idea if he would be interested in dating a disabled girl.  She decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it so she did.

“Hey! Do you want to go out for cofee or something? ” she asked. “Sure.  Thursday is prety much the only day i have free. Is thursday ok?” he asked. “Yea Thursday is great ” she said. She was excited.

The date was a huge sucess. They had common interest.  They saw things in a similar fashon. He asked her for a second date. They went on a date at a restaurant.  Things seem to be getting serious for the two of them. 

She waited until date number four to have a heart to heart talk with him. “So i have to ask is this just a friendship between us or are you thinking something more?” she asked.

“I am thinking more.  I was not sure at first. In getting to know you i feel comfortable around you and i am confident that you would make a suitable wife. “He answered.  

“So my being handicap is not an issue? “She asked.”no its not. “He answered.  “It wont be easy having a disabled wife.  ” she said. “I know that.  ” he said.

“I can have kids.  That was unaffected.  ” she said. “I was not sure.  I had intended to ask but i was not sure when or how. I am glad  to hear that.  It would not be a deal breaker but i am glad i know the answer to that question. ” he told her. 

“I do have to wear diapers. I wear diapers all the time. I am bladder and bowel incontinent. ” she said. “Ok. ” he said..”are you ok with that?” she asked. “Yes i am. ” he said. “I wanted to make sure.  I know i am putting a lot on you all at once. I want to get any potential isues out there. Deal with elephants in the room now as opposed to later. ” she told him. “I totally understand. ” he said.

There relationship got more serious. They entered into a formal courtship.they got eachother’s parents involved.  After a time he proposed and she said yes. 

She was a beautifull bride. Her farther whealed her in. Her dress was adjusted with the wheal chair in mind.  It was a great wedding. She gave herself an enima before the weding. She was carefull with her liquid intake and food.  There weding night was not too messy.

He did not mind helping her. He bathed her. He changed her diaper.  She had a little bit of invilid fetish. She liked him changing him.he liked it too. She loved sex with him. He liked it too. 

One day he was organizing her stuff. They did not unpack all at once. He found a notebook. He started reading it. It was dated before her accident.  He felt weird about reading it.he was curious about what she was like before the accident. He was prety sure she was similar. He felt guilty about reading her private thoughts but he was intreged. 

Then he read something that shocked him. It was a year before the accident. “I saw a girl my age. She was in a wheal chair. I stared a bit i wondered what it would be lke to be disabled. ” she wrote.

She wrote more and more. She became obsessed with it. She wrote on the topic a lot. She wrote about someone dressing her and bathing her. This was odd. How could a women who dreamed about being disabled geting her wish.  She had always been content. He assumed that she was just adaptable.  Could it be more. He decided to confront he about it. 

“Hunie! Did you try to get in an accident? ” he asked.  He expected her to get outraged. She did not. She broke down.she explained that she tried to pretend to be disabled but it was not the same.  She explained that she drove around hoping that it would happen.  She knew the other driver was texting.  She knew she could have died. It could be a risk but she had to do it. Well that was how she saw it. 

He had her get counseling with there pastor.  It did not put a wegde in there relationships.  It could have but it did not. They grew closer together.

She became pregnant.  She gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Two years later she had a son and later another daughter. They lived happily ever after.

The end 

This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  This to my knowledge has never happened.  Although transable exist, i think this would be too far for them.