“Something wrong with the milers”

The Collins family had just recently moved to the area. They moved next door To the Philips. The Philips were not quite buisy bodies but they kinda knew everything that went on in the neighborhood.
Will and Michele Philips decided to intriduce themselves To the Collins family. They knocked on the door.
“Hi I am will this is my wife Michele.” he said.”hi I am Greg this is my wife brandy . this is Joseph gia and  baby Hannah. “He said.
“Do you have kids?” brandy asked.”yes we have two girls and a boy. “Michele said “this is a really good neighborhood . ” will told him. “It seams to be. ” Greg said. “Well we will let you go but it was nice to meet you.” will said.” it was good to meet you.”Greg said.
They Said there goodbyes. They returned to there homes. “They seam nice.”will said “something is not right with those two.” Michelle said. “Are you sure?” he asked. asked.

something is

up. I am sure of that.I just can’t put my finger on what it is. I know there is something.” She told him.
Will always trusted Michele and her intuition. He just did not see anything.
The next day Michele decided to do what She called recon.she went to the home. She knocked on the door.
“Hi I was hoping we could do some girl talk!” Michele said. “Right now is not a good time. ” she told him. “Ok but some time. “Michele said. “Some day.”brandy said.
Later on she told her husband what happened. “It might not keen anything!”he said. “Something is off. That I am sure off. “She said. “What do


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