Poty training is child abuse

Humans are born without the ability to control ones bladder. They were created to pee and poop themselves. There is how they were designed . it is natural to pee and poop while dressed in ones cloths. It is not natural to suppress that bodily function.
Our bodies are designed to release fluids. Witholding bodily fluids until we find a toilet is unnatural.  Waiting to urinate or poop causes problems . our blazers can only holds much.
Sosiety has accepted that pity training is right and proper. Most bodies do seam to be able to train there bodies to hold fluids until they find a toilet. Many people struggle with that ability.
We make kids feel they had to be pity trained.if they fail to be able to be pity teamed they are shamed.they are teased.
Children are forced to be pity trained.training occurs before they can even remember.they did not make the choice to be trained or not.  Should they not decide foe themselves at a time when a decision can be made.
Our society seems to almost unenanimously believe that potty training is normal and right. Is there proof that being continent is right and proper. Is the fact that most people are continent proof that is is right just and proper. Does might make right?
Why must everyone be potty train.is is wrong unjust or immoral to be incontinent? What is wrong with being incontinent?
One might argue that almost everyone is continent. In most cases when a group dictates a behavior to the whole we call that tyreny.  Could forced continence be a form of discrimination?
Another argument is that peing and pooping ones pants is gross? That us because that is how we are conditioned. If everyone peed or poop would it still be considered bad? Mayby we should consider Waring diapers or maybe underware should be thicker.
Is it possible that there are less people that are potty trained then we think.perhaps more people are incontinent then we think. Mayby 90 percent of people who would not think of themselves as incontinent really are. Mayby incontinence is normal and poty traned is the deviation.  Mayby everyone should be incontinent.
What about bed wetting.we are told that adult should get eight hours of sleep? Most people body warns them of impending doom if they do not get up and Use the toilet.could it be that potty training is preventing ua from getting a good nights sleep? If we just pied ourselves or wore a diaper we might have better sleep.
Could it be that our body are made to release bodily fluids at night.we cannot get to sleep until we are relaxed. Mayby we are supposed to be relieved at night.
The fact that everyone wares underware could lend credence to thus theory. Underware is extra protection. It seems to prove that total continence is a myith. Women have to wipe themselves after urinating.
Women ‘s bladers are weaker. Many states that use has a capital punishment have female condemned diapered while they are execicuted. Women are prone to issues involving continence issues .this includes pelvic floor disorder. Pregnantcy Also seems to adversely effect bladders.
Many object to children having there ears pierced at a young age. Is poty training also a kind of abuse? What is the answer?
What if we allow people to make there own decisions? Probably many would chose to be potty Traned. Incontinence is not easy.maybe many would stay incontinent or would be


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